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September 25, 2009 smccormick No comments exist

For those of you who have been traveling along with us you know we took a two week vacation from riding during our vacation because we were so far ahead of schedule.  So even though we were gone for 75 days and on the road for 72 days we only actually road for 51 days.  We had two solid weeks of messing around during week seven and eight.

Ride Statistics
Ride Days 51
Ave. Daily miles 71.78431373
Minimum Miles 40
Max Miles 110
Total Miles 3661
Total Miles on Paths (est) 670
Percent on Paths 18.3%

Here’s a table with the distribution of totals miles per day ridden.  Go figure it’s distributed around our average… who would have guessed that statistical requirement.

Mileage Days in Range
<39 0
40 to 49 6
50 to 59 7
60 to 69 11
70 to 79 12
80 to 89 5
90 to 99 6
100 to 109 3
> 109 1

Here’s a chart of our daily mileage.

Daily Miles

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