Day 28 still here in Great Bend, KS

August 6, 2009 smccormick

Well, was it the early alarm or the lightening and thunder that awoke us?  So much for beating the wind and making the dash towards Salina.  So, rolled back over and kept one eye on the weather channel.  We are so thankful that we are not in a tent right now as it is pouring down rain!  We washed the bikes last night, what did we expect would happen?!?!?

Big Bend, KS 001

There has been a rhythm to our days that is unlike any other experience.  There is routine but also flexibility that takes into account the weather and terrain.  Cyndy feels as thought she is dancing behind Steve some days, following his back wheel just like following a dance lead.  There is the exhilaration when the road is smooth, just cruising and the miles fly by.  Other times can be more challenging like rough roads, cracks, debris, cross winds, less forgiving vehicles or trucks topped off with gravel or cow…one can only guess what will coat our water bottles and arms sticking to skin covered with sunscreen!

We’ve been watching the weather channel radar since 6am, it’s looking good for an 11am departure, which is also our checkout time.  It’s very comforting to have a couple of days buffer so that we have options and are not forced to head out in the foulest of conditions.

2 Comments on “Day 28 still here in Great Bend, KS

  1. Steve and Cyndy:

    Thanks for all the “On the road again” reports. You are making great progress. Looks like you are about half way there… so as Steve would tell us… it is all down hill from here.

    Take care and happy cycling

    Mel Bradley

  2. I know it is going to be a little while away, but what cities are you guys planning to stop at in Missouri?
    I look forward to great stories at Thanksgiving.

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