Day 34 Louisburg to Winsor, MO ++ Alternate ending, creepy ++ add a couple more miles

August 13, 2009 smccormick

So I get into Winsor right about sunset, Beautiful little town all the lawns kept up, plenty of room and trees, houses with Victorian architecture.  Pass the entrance to the Katy.  I’ve been looking forward to getting here and I had a shower waiting for me to boot, good times… or were they?

Followed the directions John had given me to Pat’s house, who was suppose to provide some help to a weary traveler.  Trying to be considerate I called from down the street, no answer.  Hmmm, let me ride a little further, probably in the shower.  Five or so minutes later call again, no answer.  Hmmm, I’m just down the street I’ll go to the house, dark.  That’s weird, just an hour and a half ago this person was “excited to have me over”, now vanished.  I circle in front of the house a couple of times, like a dog looking for the perfect sleeping spot.  Then the neighbor, a large greasy less refined sole, comes out to see what I’m up to.  I ask if the house next door is Pat’s, “yup but he ain’t home, who are you?”.  My cue to practice “leave no trace camping” and move on.

John and some others had told me about a campground, down the street behind Sonic Burger, so off I went.  After one wrong road selection, there were two behind Sonic, I found the place.  Big beautiful play ground on a lake with some spots on the other side of the lake with bathrooms.  This was going to be great.  Nope, “ya can’t camp over here, Ya gotta go up the road to our camp area.  Ya came by it on the way in”.  Paid my five bucks and I was off.

I pick a spot at the edge of the trees in this field (campground) along the side of the road in a spot shaded from two huge lights. Time to pitch the tent and get a shower under the spigot.  While I’m showering I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out.  A guy out of no where finds me a room, host vanishes.  Get directed to camping spot in open field under lights, then, seems like an awful lot of cars driving by slowly on a dirt road to nowhere, then some semi naked, apparently drunk guy pulls into my spot mumbling something as he bottoms out his POS Cadillac on the rocks then backs out.

So here’s where my head is now:

Scenario One:

Bi-city conspiracy where people sort through the morons yapping about their trip and their toys and have them out for display on the dinner table.  “help them out” and help themselves out too and I’m left walking through the streets half naked mumbling.

Scenario two:

After sunset or after I’m asleep, all kids’ eyes turn opaque white and converge on my tent repeating, “give me your blackberry”.

It’s funny but the situation didn’t smell right and I wouldn’t sleep at all, so I packed my tent up and headed out… at 10pm.  Alice said there was a hotel up the road 0.4.  That’s where I was going.

I pulled into the parking lot, office closed, circled like dog, again.  Saw note on door, find us out back in the little house, crap their all in on it!!!  Went back to find a very pleasant family who just bought the place and they are remodeling.  The only useable rooms are taken, but I can pitch in the yard.  Wooo, things are looking up.

After chatting with the owners for a while and pitching the tent he had his daughter open an unfinished room so I could use the bathroom and shower, really looking up.  Then in the end they just let me use the room to stay in, for free no less.  Packed up camp for the second time tonight, but for a much more pleasant reason.  From creepy to unexpected generosity.   My faith was shaken briefly but once again I’m stunned by the folks out here.

If you’re on the Katy you have to stay at the Winsor Motel.  It’s the next to last town on the west end and the owners are great, you won’t be disappointed.  By the time you get there it will have a fresh remodel.